Who are we?

    Hello, my name is Kelly McGee, and I am the founder and owner of Spatial Connections Inc.  Rather than giving you a mission statement or core value statement with a bunch of key buzzwords and marketing slogans, I would like to tell you who I am and why I started Spatial Connections.

    My father taught me the value of hard work and taking care of family.  Serving in the U.S. Army built on that and also taught me the value of a strong team, leadership and a good map.  Earning my B.S. in Geography with a focus on GIS taught me how advances in technology made maps valuable again.  Maps have always been used for navigation, but now we also use them to navigate business decisions.  All this training gave me the opportunity to work for over twenty years with leading coal, local government, photogrammetry, engineering, system integration, satellite imagery, and GIS software organizations.  I started Spatial Connections so that I could put together a team of professionals that represent and can build upon my experience and knowledge gained so that we can help others understand and use geospatial technology, no matter what their industry is or their budget.  

    Why the name Spatial Connections, well trying to think of a good name for the company that would best represent what we do and at the same time be different from all the other "spatial" companies, was not easy.  When it was decided that the simplest statement that defined what we would do we came up with "Connecting Geography & Information", which became our tag line and helped define our name.  The word spatial is defined as relating to the position, area, and size of things and that is one of two key element of GIS.  GIS is also about connecting geography with data traditionally stored in databases or other digital formats, and it is the "connections" that is the other key element.  When we connect database tables, digital documents, photography, video, satelite imagery, GPS sensors, radar, sonar, or any other digital data with spatial information we add another dimension that provideds us with a clearer picture of our environment.

That's our story 
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  • GIS

    GIS Specialists:

    We need GIS Specialists that understands geospatial data ETL methods and formats, spatial analysis methods, and production methods.

  • Programming


    The world of the Internet and mobile apps are changing at an ever increasing pace.  We need developers that understand the web, mobile and IoT.

  • Cartography


    Anyone can make a map, but not everyone can make a map that clearly tells the story for the intended audience.  We need cartographers that know how to put the art in cartography.  

  • Information Technology

    IT Professionals:

    We need IT professionals that understand how to store, manage, display and move all the 1s and 0s that we use to capture, manipulate and share so that we can learn, explain, and communicate.

  • Consulting


    We need Geospatial Consultants that can listen, interpret, and match resources up to meet the needs of our clients.

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